07 Mar 2022

10 things to know about your sprinkler systems

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For those who’ve recently moved and have never had a yard to care for, or for those who are tired of manually dragging the hose and portable sprinkler around their property, a sprinkler system may be right for you and your lawn care needs. These are the top 10 things you should know when dealing with sprinklers:

  • Access—Make sure to have a licensed
    plumber inspect any installed sprinkler
    system to ensure everything relating
    to water flow is working properly.
  • Heads—There are two types of
    sprinkler heads: fixed and rotary.
    Plan your head usage according
    to the layout of your property.
  • Connections—Consider using
    funny pipe to connect your sprinkler
    heads with the standard poly pipe—
    it’s extremely flexible and virtually
  • Hours of Operation—Early morning
    sprinkler use prevents mold and
    mildew from forming on your lawn.
  • Pressure—Water pressure needs to
    be optimized to ensure proper lawn
    coverage and to avoid damaging your
    sprinkler heads.
  • Aim—Check your local ordinances
    to ensure your sprinklers are being
    aimed only at areas where watering
    is permitted.
  • Rain Sensors—Most water conservation laws require you to install
    rain sensors to avoid overwatering
    and waste.
  • Roots—Plan ahead and make sure no
    tree roots are interrupting the piping
    routes for your sprinklers, saving you
    a potential headache down the line.
  • Solenoids—A fancy term for valves,
    these help determine the zone of your
    yard that water is directed to and at
    what time, providing efficient coverage.
  • Winterization—Make sure all water
    is cleared out of your pipes during
    the winter months to prevent freezing
    and, in turn, broken pipes. Consider
    hiring a service provider to assist.
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