29 Jan 2022

Adding Solar Panels to a Home

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The number of solar installations nationwide are predicted to quadruple by 2030. More people and businesses are contemplating making the switch to solar energy use. Are you thinking of going solar? Here are a few things you should consider before installation.

  • Solar panels will work in all climates—just make sure that your roof is not too shaded by trees.
  • Adding a solar energy system to your home will likely increase its value.
  • Consider the age of your roof. Will it need to be replaced anytime soon?
  • The cost associated with installing solar energy is going down.
  • Solar panels reduce the amount of carbon and other pollutants your home produces.

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to put solar panels on your own home, there are other options for you to utilize solar energy. Community Solar may be an option if you know multiple people in your area who are interested in making the energy switch. Your group could buy into a shared system to cover the expenses of purchasing and installing a shared solar panel. Remember that this is not something you’ll want to do yourself—you will always need a qualified professional to install solar technologies.

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