27 Jan 2022

Creating a Spa Bath

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Everyone loves a relaxing trip to the spa, but not everyone loves how much that spa day can cost. A more affordable option may be upgrading your home’s bathroom and creating your own personal spa. You’ll be able to have a lavish experience from the comfort of your home by adding a couple pieces to your space and doing a few things to make your self-care time even more enjoyable


Invest in a towel warmer to make sure your linens are nice and toasty when you’re ready to use them.


Add plants to spruce up the space. Aloe vera, bamboo, ferns and orchids are a few options that thrive in a bathroom environments.


Get a bathtub caddy to improve your bathing experience. You’ll be able to prop up a book, phone or tablet to read or watch your favorite movie or TV show.


Candles are a great way to add soft ambiance to the room while also adding pleasant aromas.


Add a light dimmer to set the mood. The candles you now have will provide a calming light for a dark room.


Keep your bathroom neat and tidy. A consistently clean space will make your self-care time more enjoyable.

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