06 Oct 2023

Preparing Your Lawn for Winter

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As the season changes, it’s time to prepare your lawn for the colder months ahead. If you want to ensure a beautiful and healthy lawn once spring arrives, then it is vital that you protect it from wintertime damage.

Fertilize your lawn

Fall is the best time to fertilize your lawn. Give your lawn one last feed before winter using a slow-release fertilizer loaded with nitrogen and potassium, providing your lawn with the necessary nutrients to support healthy root development.

Aerate your lawn

Aerating your lawn is necessary to maintain healthy growth and to ensure that the lawn can breathe properly. This will aid in absorbing water and nutrients, allowing your grass to grow deeper roots. Aeration also helps to keep the soil loose and promotes better drainage.

Get rid of leaves and debris

If there’s snow forecasted in your area, it’s important to remove leaves, debris, and other organic matter from your lawn. Fallen leaves and debris, if left unattended, can suffocate the lawn and lead to fungus growth.

Mow your lawn

Make sure you mow your lawn before the temperature gets too low. Also, ensure that your lawnmower is set to the right height—about 2 inches. If the grass is left too long during winter, it can attract mice and other small rodents, which can ruin the lawn by tunneling underneath it and eating it.

Weed and water

Although cold-tolerant grasses are approaching dormancy in winter, they need sufficient water in their roots to winter over successfully. Also, eliminate any ragweed (which will reseed in the fall) and dandelions (which seed in spring before you’re prepared to do battle).

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